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Scared?  Excited?  Both??

We understand that you may have a variety of emotions going into scheduling that first massage.  Check out the info below to put your mind at ease before you come.

What treatment or technique should I ask for?

The Licensed Massage Therapists at Heppner Chiropractic are all trained in a variety of massage techniques including Deep Tissue massage and Swedish massage for all ages and for Pregnancy/Prenatal purposes.  Our LMT's tend to blend together a variety of different techniques to best serve their clients, but if you prefer a specific specialty technique (trigger point, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, etc.), we encourage you to ask about those specifically when scheduling.

Will I have to do some paperwork?

Yes.  We don't want this to take away from your massage time, so please arrive early to complete this paperwork or print it at home and bring it in to your appointment.  These forms help us to serve you better by helping us to understand your health history including where your pain is currently, areas of past injury, and what medications you may be taking that could effect your response to treatment.  If you'd like to complete these before your visit, click here to access them online.  Otherwise, please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to complete the required forms.

How much will it cost?

Our office is happy to assist you in billing your insurance provider for your massage services.  If yours doesn't cover massage, we offer a 15% time of service discount to our patients who pay for their massages on the day they receive the treatment.  If you aren't sure if your insurance covers massage, we can help you with that as well - just have your Ins. card with you when you call to schedule.

  • 30 minute massage = $42
  • 45 minute massage = $63* ($52.50 with time-of-service discount)
  • 60 minute massage = $84* ($70 with time-of-service discount)
  • 90 minute massage = $126* ($105 with time-of-service discount)

*If you pay for your service same day, we offer a time-of-service discount.

Which LMT should I ask for?

All of our massage therapists are very talented, skilled individuals who can help with your needs, so really, your schedule and availability will likely determine which LMT you will be scheduled with. Please read up on our massage therapists before scheduling if you have specific preferences for technique. We encourage you to try all of them and let us know which style of massage gets YOU the best results!

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I get a massage if I'm sick?  No, please call to reschedule your massage if you have a fever, skin irritations (poison ivy, hives, sunburn) or if you are trying to stabilize a new medication (massage can effect the dosage needed). 

How will I feel after my first massage?

Amazing! - Hopefully following your massage you will feel wonderful in a variety of ways - relaxed, calm, flexible, focused, invigorated, and pain free.  Sometimes these feeling take a series of massages to accomplish, so be patient with the healing process.  Try to avoid stress like returning to work, strenuous exercise, or emotionally charged situations as long as possible after massage to keep the great feeling going.

Sore - It is very common to feel some mild to moderate soreness after a massage depending on the amount of pressure used during treatment.  Massage is NEVER supposed to be painful, so talk with your provider before, during, and after massages about how much pressure you feel comfortable with.  It is ok to ask for lighter or deeper pressure as needed.     

Thirsty - You may or may not feel thirsty, but please have a glass of water before leaving the office to rehydrate your body and to help your body flush out the toxins released during massage.  Drinking water can help to reduce any post-treatment soreness.

Lightheaded - Sometimes immediately following a massage, you may feel lightheaded upon standing.  Please take your time getting off the table to allow your body to re-adjust. 

Can my kids come to the office during my massage?  Kids are welcome in the office during chiropractic treatments, but NOT during massages.  We find that these services are just too long for kids of any age to play quietly when you aren't present to supervise.  We appreciate your attention to this, as we want to keep the massage services relaxing and enjoyable for all our patients. 

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